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 My husband and I studied in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries (California, U.S.A.) in a year between 2013 and 2014, and we currently serve at 21st Century Christ Church. We are working together as a couple to bring the joy of heaven through "Counseling ", " Prophetic Art Class ", and "Healthy and Free Bakeries " as the Heaven's Joy Ministry.



 We do counseling by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide us concerning our daily situations. We refocus our relationship with God in areas of our lives that we are not aware of. We have many testimonies such as a lady who was touched by the love of God and her relationship with her husband had radically changed.

Prophetic Art Class


 This is a class to take time to communicate with our God who loves each one of our creativity. Through art we comprehend the heart of God and share His love. In our class, we repeatedly take time to communicate closely with God through prayer, and we express the vision or revelation we receive from God through artwork. We also take time to pray and ask healing for a certain person that is shown to us and draw "Healing Art". We have testimonies of people who got healed after seeing the healing art.

Healthy and Free Bakeries


 Bakeries we prepare are made with prayer thinking of a mother’s loving heart for their children making safe and delicious bakeries without any additives or preservatives. We use organic vegetables and rice flour and bake everything in the steam convection oven in the church. We hope that people dealing with allergies, struggling with mental health issues, and those who are in need of inner healing , as well as people supporting their family members in these challenges to eat and enjoy

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